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"""Saves some virtualization attributes in case the node is a Xen host"""
import subprocess
import os
import json
from fabric.api import env, sudo, abort, hide
from littlechef import chef, lib
def execute(node):
"""Uses ohai to get virtualization information which is then saved to then
node file
with hide('everything'):
virt = json.loads(sudo('ohai virtualization'))
if not len(virt) or virt[0][1] != "host":
# It may work for virtualization solutions other than Xen
print("This node is not a Xen host, doing nothing")
node['virtualization'] = {
'role': 'host',
'system': 'xen',
'vms': [],
# VMs
with hide('everything'):
vm_list = sudo("xm list")
for vm in vm_list.split("\n")[2:]:
data = vm.split()
if len(data) != 6:
'fqdn': data[0], 'RAM': data[2], 'cpus': data[3]})
print("Found {0} VMs for this Xen host".format(
# Save node file and remove the returned temp file
del node['name']
os.remove(chef.save_config(node, True))
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