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LittleChef Changelog
Version 1.8.0 March 30, 2015
New features:
* #232: Option for colorless output
* #228: Omnibus as default install method. Defaults to Chef 11
* #212: http proxy
Version 1.7.2 May 23, 2014
Bugs fixed:
* #199: Fixed check for config file name
* #201: Documented omnibus installation method needing a version
* #205: Markus Korn fixed env.sync_packages_local_dir not being defined when using
LittleChef as a library
* #208: Markus Korn fixed Chef 11 SSL warnings. Only verify SSL when connecting to a
server by settings `verify_api_cert` to true
Version 1.7.1 Apr 9, 2014
* Fix ssh_config_path variable name
Version 1.7.0 Apr 9, 2014
New features:
* #193: Markus Korn implemented "nodes_with_tags" command
* New command "nodes_with_recipe"
* #198: Adam Hamsik implemented the possibility of synchronizing a local directory to
a node's remote directory
Bugs fixed:
* Use hostname resolution for all commands
Version 1.6.1 Feb 20, 2014
Bugs fixed:
* #191: Markus Korn fixed chef-solo and ruby 1.9 returning invalidByteSequenceError
Version 1.6.0 Feb 12, 2014
New features:
* #171: Stefan Hojer implemented a "gateway" configuration option
* #177: Markus added Omnibus installation method. This will be the default in
future versions
* #183: travis integration tests
* #134: New configuration file name: littlechef.cfg
* #186: Use of ssh config to resolve node names, enables use of alias
* #187: Markus added Chef 11 support. Full environment objects are now used. Note:
the chef-solo-search copy was out of date. It is now no longer bundled,
and you need to have the library in your cookbooks for it to work.
* #100: Node sync speedups by not rsyncing chef-solo-search and documenting ControlMaster
Version 1.5.2 July 8, 2013
New features:
* #165: caleb added support for FreeBSD
* #167: New noninteractive option
Bugs fixed:
* #160: jonasekl fixed Scientific Linux identification
* #162: pin gem install to Chef 10
Version 1.5.1 March 15, 2013
Bugs fixed:
* #152: chrismoos node:all with concurrency
* #153: runner was still using the ssh library, dropped for paramiko
Version 1.5.0 March 8, 2013
New features:
* #147: philk added optional parallel configuration runs
Bugs fixed:
* #146: Make ssh config work for all commands
* #145: pawelpacana fixed a typo in chef_environment search query.
* #149: Make deploy_chef work for Debian Wheezy
* #151: Fixed "Failed to upload solo.rb" by pinning the fabric version to 1.5
Version 1.4.1 January 21, 2013
Bugs fixed:
* #136: philk made save_config output sorted JSON keys
* #135: fix for wrong logpath
* #142: mborho fixed "ohai ipaddress" output displaying debug info
* #140: Fix "Can't read sshconfig file"
Version 1.4.0 December 27, 2012
New features:
* #64: dnedbaylo added support for following symlinks on rsync
* #96: philk added support for Encrypted data bags
Bugs fixed:
* winhamwr changed roles handling so that `default_attributes` and
`override_attributes` are no longer required in JSON role definitions.
* #124: pawelpacana fixed LittleChef not passing ssh_config to fabric
* #128: cburyta updated the yum epel repo url
* #130: dnedbaylo made the "node" command use the user name in the node connection
string, making it consistent with what fabric does for "recipe" and "role"
Version 1.3.0 October 26, 2012
New features:
* #103: Support for Whyrun
* Nodes are skipped if they have the "dummy" tag (the "dummy" attribute is still
Bugs fixed:
* #113: cyli fixed prevented SSH config's LogLevel from overriding env's loglevel
* node_work_path was not being set to the default value when using as a library
Version 1.2.2 October 12, 2012
New features:
* #83: jordane made the remote repo dir configurable
* #106: jordane added a more general config file name: config.cfg
Bugs fixed:
* #101: cburyta updated the CentOS epel repo to 6.7
* #104: mattgleeson helped to do deeper role expansion
* #109: cburyta updated the rubygems version to 1.8.10, fixing rpm installations
* #107: Error handling for ohai's errors when parsing ipaddress
Version 1.2.1 June 14, 2012
Bugs fixed:
* jmalonzo updated the url for the EPEL repo
* #94: Use ssh-config credentials for the "ssh" command
* #95: role and recipe commands should skip "dummy" nodes
* Some improvemts to knife error messages
Version 1.2.0 April 4, 2012
New features
* #82: kitchen sync now works on OSX
* chef-solo-search upstream version upgrade: now search works from cookbook libraries
* Configuration runs will ignore nodes with 'dummy=true'
Bugs fixed:
* drhevans expanded recipe lookup so that recipes can be used even when they are
not in metadata.json
* #78: fix paramiko module import: the ssh module is now required instead
* markbirbeck fixed case in where log dir was not yet created
Version 1.1.0 January 3, 2012
New features
* #72: Plugin mini-framework. Moved save_ip command to a plugin
* New ssh command
* --verbose option (Chef 0.10.6+). Default is false, and will not show the
"Processing" output any more. Chef Solo will only log what has changed
Bugs fixed:
* Fixes paramiko dependency by moving to new fabric's fork "ssh"
* Make "list_nodes_with_recipe" and "list_nodes_with_role" respect the --env option
Also, they now use the expanded run_list
Version 1.0.4 November 14, 2011
New features
* Make "list_nodes" respect the --env option
* Accept --env=ENV in addition to --env ENV
Version 1.0.3 November 11, 2011
New features
* #15 (partly): Automatic metadata.json regeneration from metadata.rb
* #63: cleonte contributed deploy_chef support for CentOS/RHEL v6
* #70: Markus added Chef Solo logs (found on /var/log/chef/solo.log)
* Made debug and env proper command line options instead of fake fabric tasks
Bugs fixed:
* #67: Andrew fixed `get_ips` for OSX by adding a regex to parse IPs
* #66: Remove sensible data from a node after a configuration run
Version 1.0.2 October 11, 2011
* NEW #61: Added the command option "env"
* NEW #60: Don't force to define a password if ssh-config is used
* FIX #62: Cristi fixed rpm installation by using the FrameOS RBEL repository
* FIX: Automatic node data bag created items with the hostname as the name.
That can lead to name collitions. Now FQDN with underscores is used instead
Version 1.0.1 September 28, 2011
* NEW #58: Markus added operation "nodes_with_role", which configures all nodes with
the given role
* FIX #57: Eivind added deploy_chef support for Arch Linux
* FIX: Transform "true" and "false" strings from into real True and False values
happens with default values from metadata.json attributes
Version 1.0.0 September 21, 2011
* NEW #46: Markus implemented node synching using rsync instead of data upload,
substantially speeding up node configuration runs. All cookbooks are now
synchronized, instead of only those needed by the configuration run
* NEW #16: Markus implemented search support for data bags
* NEW #16: Automatically add a "node" data bag, which allows for node search.
It contains everything defined in each nodes/mynode.json file, plus "recipes"
(expanded recipe list), "role" (roles in the run_list),
"roles" (expanded role list), merged attributes (from cookbook, node and roles)
and some Chef automatic attributes
* NEW: Add ipaddress attribute to a node after a configuration run. That way the IP
of that node will be available in the node data bag and thus in the node search
* NEW #53: tow added a patch that allows to override distro detection when installing
Chef Solo
* NEW #55: Markus added a library file that allows to set "chef_environment" in a
role or node attribute
* NEW: Changed "cook" command to "fix", so that we don't collide with the executable
name of an existing package. This was done so that LittleChef can be distro-packaged
* NEW #54: Multi-node execution: a list of nodes to be configured can now be given.
The nodes will be configured preserving order
* NEW: Removed "configure" command. It will be assumed to be the desired action if
no other command is given. Just typing "fix node:X" will configure node X
Version 0.6.5 July 5, 2011
* FIX: list_recipes didn't show cookbooks that were *only* present in site-cookbooks
* FIX: install ucf before the chef Debian package, as it is missing in Debian Squeeze minimal
Version 0.6.4 July 1, 2011
* NEW: Chef 0.10.x is now default for Debian package installation.
That was already the case for the other methods
* FIX: Toby fixed the Debian package installation to run unattended again
* FIX: cook should not require a kitchen to run "cook -v"
Version 0.6.2 June 15, 2011
* FIX: Fixed data_bags_patch.rb not being installed sometimes
* FIX: Initialize env.ssh_config so that credentials doesn't fail
* FIX: Prevent fabric from prepending prefix to output messages
This makes Chef Solo output much easier to read (no double log prefix)
* FIX: Added some contributors to NOTICE
Version 0.6.1 June 9, 2011
* NEW #38: VanL added support for Windows and Mac OS X(desktop side).
All unit tests are now passing on Linux, Mac OS X and Windows
* NEW #37: VanL moved fabfile execution to the same process as the cook exe
* FIX #36, #37: VanL fixed detection of execution mode (cook or library import)
* FIX #39: The recipe and role commands were not creating new node.json files
when none were present
Version 0.6.0 June 3, 2011
* NEW: Added support for data bags thanks to Brian Akins's Chef Solo patch
* NEW: Added option to install Chef 0.10 from debian packages. Not yet default
* NEW: Upgraded to use rubygems 1.7.2 in the gem installation
* NEW: Added support for deploying Chef on debian wheezy (testing)
* NEW: aVenger changed the behaviour of the commands 'recipe' and 'role' so that
they preserve attributes of nodes which already have a configuration file
Version 0.5.5 May 16, 2011
* NEW: tow implemented support for ssh-config
* NEW: split list_nodes into list_nodes and list_nodes_detailed
* OPTIMIZATION: Speed up node syncing by pushing cookbooks and roles in a single zip
* FIX#31: Some debian installs were not able to install wget without updating
the repos first
* FIX#32: If metadata.json defines no recipes, don't abort. Allows the use of empty
cookbooks (libraries for example)
* FIX: Avoid leaving tmp_node.json around when a configuration run aborts
* FIX: Display proper error message when there is an error in a role file
Version 0.5.4 May 2, 2011
* NEW: Renamed new_deployment to new_kitchen
* NEW#13: new_kitchen now creates empty README files in cookbooks, roles
and nodes so that the kitchen is ready to be used as a git repository.
* FIX: Brian Riley fixed failing abort messages because of missing import
* FIX: list_nodes and list_roles_detailed failed because of refactoring
Version 0.5.3 April 28, 2011
* NEW: npinto added Gentoo support
* FIX: npinto fixed a bug where LittleChef could not be installed due to circular
* FIX: Masive code refactoring. littlechef is now a package with several modules
Version 0.5.2 April 20, 2011
* FIX: sirlantis fixed exception when a cookbook was only present in site-cookbooks
* FIX#26: When configuring a node, the /var/chef-solo/cache directory won't be
deleted any more
* OPTIMIZATION: sirlantis improved OSX support by not packing files named ._{filename}
* OPTIMIZATION: .svn directories are no longer packed and uploaded
Version 0.5.1 April 13, 2011
* FIX: pushcx fixed errors when a non directory file was present in cookbooks/
* FIX: pushcx fixed errors when a role doesn't have a description or attributes
Version 0.5.0 March 30, 2011
* NEW: Igal added site-cookbooks support
* NEW: Igal made LittleChef run with the newest fabric. Fabric 1.0+ is now required
* NEW: Special effects: colored output!
* NEW: Nicer displaying of node, roles and cookbook information
* FIX: Igal changed node's chef-solo directory to improve security, together
with other fixes
* FIX: Added first unit tests!
Version 0.4.2 March 10, 2011
* NEW: cocoy added keypair support
* HOTFIX: Require exactly fabric 0.9.3, as fabric 1.0 has been released with
backwards incompatible changes that break LittleChef
Version 0.4.1 January 19, 2011
* NEW: "list_recipes" now shows only a simple name list.
The old, detailed list_recipes has now become "list_recipes_detailed"
* NEW: oldpatricka added support for Scientific Linux in deploy_chef
* NEW: emilsit made gem install much faster by not installing rdoc and ri
* NEW: new_deployment doesn't overwrite auth.cfg if already present
* NEW: Improve node.json and metadata.json error reporting
* FIX: wget is now installed for "apt package" and "rpm gem installation"
* FIX: emilsit refactored new_deployment so that it doesn't use fabric
but directly python instead. Fixes auth.cfg creation for some OSs
Version 0.4.0 December 9, 2010
* NEW: The saved node.json doesn't have any custom littlechef fields anymore
Migration: You need to call your nodes by their DNS hostname or public IP
* FIX: Improvements to error messages when metadata.json is not present in
a cookbook (only metadata.rb)
* FIX: Various improvements to role and node printing
Version 0.3.3 November 29, 2010
* NEW: The saved node.json won't contain littlechef fields anymore if you don't use an IP
* NEW: When configuring all nodes, if node configuration fails abort
* FIX: Importing was failing for one particular case
Version 0.3.2 November 19, 2010
* NEW: Show what cookbooks are being uploaded to a node
* NEW: deploy_chef now accepts two arguments: "gems" and "ask".
They can be set to "yes" or "no". Default is "no" and "yes", respectively.
This allows deploy_chef to run in non-interactive mode when using it from
another Python program.
Version 0.3.1 November 16, 2010
* HOTFIX: fixed a deploy_chef error when calling the gem+rpm installation method
* Some Pylint compliance fixes
Version 0.3.0 November 16, 2010
* NEW: Automatic distro detection for deploy_chef
* NEW: Option to install Chef Solo with gems
* NEW: can now be used as a library
* FIX: CentOS installation
Version 0.2.4 November 4, 2010
* NEW: command "list_roles"
* NEW: show node attributes in list_nodes
* NEW: Indent node configuration files when saving
* FIX: Add JSON syntax error handling
Version 0.2.1, 0.2.2 and 0.2.3, October 29-20, 2010
* FIXED different PyPI installation issues
* Improved README, code comments and error messages
Version 0.2.0, October 28, 2010
* NEW query: cook list_recipes
* OPTIMIZATION: only configured cookbooks and its dependencies are uploaded to nodes
* Output and error checking improvements
* FIX: "subrecipes" are now supported
* FIX: roles now really work
Version 0.1.0, October 27, 2010
* Deployment: deploy_chef installs chef-solo using opscode repository
* Apply a recipe or role to a particular node
* Save recipes, roles and attributes for every node in configuration
files, which can afterwards be edited to override attributes
* Update cookbooks on every node automagically, without the need for repo
* Reconfigure (sync) every node
* Queries: list_nodes, list_nodes_with_recipe, list_nodes_with_role