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Fix Success/Fail when chef-solo has a segfault (132)

Fabric does not thing output.failed == True in that case
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1 parent 4edf925 commit 053925bd09bfed592822427f738de7ef23f1f5df @tobami committed Dec 19, 2011
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@@ -327,7 +327,9 @@ def _configure_node():
"Executing Chef Solo with the following command:\n{0}".format(cmd))
with settings(hide('warnings', 'running'), warn_only=True):
output = sudo(cmd)
- if output.failed or "FATAL: Stacktrace dumped" in output:
+ if (output.failed or "FATAL: Stacktrace dumped" in output or
+ ("Chef Run complete" not in output and
+ "Report handlers complete" not in output)):
if 'chef-solo: command not found' in output:

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