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Scientific Linux no longer includes SL in /etc/issue. This corrects t…

…he distro identification
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1 parent eaa2d72 commit dbfa6c2d3a5cc69702a8669c8508f7c2aadf4a20 @jonasekl jonasekl committed Apr 12, 2013
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@@ -123,7 +123,7 @@ def check_distro():
elif 'Red Hat Enterprise Linux' in output:
distro = "Red Hat"
distro_type = "rpm"
- elif 'Scientific Linux SL' in output:
+ elif 'Scientific Linux' in output:
distro = "Scientific Linux"
distro_type = "rpm"
elif 'This is \\n.\\O (\\s \\m \\r) \\t' in output:

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