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Support Ubuntu 12.04 precise? #137

mperham opened this Issue · 1 comment

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We noticed that littlechef hardcodes a number of Ubuntu distros but does not include the latest like oneric, precise or quantal. We're using 12.04 LTS (precise) and want to ensure littlechef will work with it. Do they need to be added?


Not really. The only hardcoded distros are debian versions. The "supported" list is only for error message purposes.
The real code looks at /etc/issue's output:

    elif 'Ubuntu' in output:
        distro = sudo('lsb_release -cs')
            distro_type = "debian"

So it should be ok.

What we could change is the ubuntu_distros list and just say we support ubuntu as long as Opscode has a debian repo for it. What do you think?

@tobami tobami closed this in d092de4
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