Fabric 1.6.0/Paramiko 1.10.0 causes fix node to fail #151

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fix --env=[my environment] nodes_with_role:[my role]

== Configuring [node] ==

Fatal error: put() encountered an exception while uploading '<StringIO.StringIO instance at 0x12cf998>'

Underlying exception:
    unsupported operand type(s) for &: 'NoneType' and 'int'


Fatal error: Failed to upload '/etc/chef/solo.rb'
This can happen when the deployment user does not have a home directory, which is needed as a temporary location
$ fab --version
Fabric 1.6.0
Paramiko 1.10.0

I'll take a look at this later today if the cause doesn't immediately jump out at anyone.


Possibly related to paramiko/paramiko#142 so the right fix might just be waiting for paramiko to update.


I did encounter the same problem but did not have time yet to debug it.

And yes, the Fabric 1.6.0 release notes mention breaking backwards compatibility because of fabric/fabric#844


I was able to get around this for now by installing the previous release of fabric.

pip install fabric==1.5.4
@tobami tobami added a commit that closed this issue Mar 8, 2013
@tobami Pin Fabric to version 1.5.4
Fixes #151
@tobami tobami closed this in 76805cb Mar 8, 2013
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