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A pure OCaml implementation of the C4.5 decision tree generator algorithm
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This project aims to provide a pure OCaml implementation of C4.5 (Wikipedia). This algorithm is used to generate a decision tree from a dataset and a criteria set, and is usually found in machine learning.

The algorithm description can be found in eg. "Efficient C4.5" by S. Ruggieri in IEEE transactions on knowledge and data engineering, vol. 14, no. 2, march/april 2002.


If you do not have opam, install it.

If you do not have obuild, install it: opam install obuild.

Then, compile and install (locally to your user) the project with

    obuild configure
    obuild build
    obuild install


You can generate the project's documentation using ocamldoc.

If, for some reason, you do not want to generate the documentation, you can use the precompiled, but not necessarily up-to-date online version here.

Related projects

This project was primarily made to be used with ORandForest. Check its README and documentation for a more elaborate usage example and reference.

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