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<post id="afterthought" heading="The Afterthought View">
The Hangprinter was built. Now what?
If your application was not planned beforehand, take a swim in ideas:
<li>House print idea with top anchor on a crane.</li>
<li>World record print idea.</li>
<li>Canoe print idea.</li>
<li>Furniture print idea.</li>
<li>Full scale person print idea.</li>
<li>Windmill idea.</li>
Also have a chew on some less frequent ones, like:
<li>Skateboard idea.</li>
<li>Full scale Prusa printer print idea.</li>
<li>Open Wheelchair Project idea.</li>
<li>Forge shape for composite material car parts idea.</li>
<li>Full scale bicycle print idea.</li>
<li>3d-printed cello idea.</li>
<li>Cheap exo-skeleton idea.</li>
<li>One-piece custom 3d-printed backpack idea.</li>
<li>Viral RepRap workshop idea.</li>
Ideas are mind pollen.
The Hangprinter Community wants to be your hive.