Example content plugin for pagekit.
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Pagekit Example Content Plugin

This extension shows how to create a content plugin. This extension is an example only and thus not deployed to the pagekit marketplace.

A plugin is identified by this coding which can be added anywhere in an editor: (<pluginName>){<pluginData>} <pluginName> is a name you can choose freely (but everybody else can choose the same name, so be careful). <pluginData> is a JSON string with the data which is parsed and then delivered to your callback.


  • Use (example){} as the most basic example without providing any plugin data.
  • Use (example){"name":"<yourname"} as example with plugin data.

How to work with the extension

  1. Download the content of this extension from GitHub and copy it to your local pagekit installation.
  2. Modify the extension to your needs.

Issues and feature requests

Please use the issues section to file any bugs or feature requests.