Helper for creating minimal LXC containers
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gen-min-lxc is a script for creating LXC containers that include only required
binaries and libraries.

* Python 2.7
* Envoy (, pip install envoy)

usage: [-h] (--copy DEST | --make-mountpoints DEST)
                      [--fstab FSTAB] [--lxc-conf LXC_CONF] [--user-files]
                      program [program ...]

Helper for creating minimal LXC containers

positional arguments:
  program               path to a program or library that should be included
                        in the container

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --copy DEST, -c DEST  copy specified programs and dependencies to the
                        specified directory
  --make-mountpoints DEST, -m DEST
                        create mount points for programs and dependencies in
                        the specified directory
  --fstab FSTAB, -f FSTAB
                        file to append fstab lines to
  --lxc-conf LXC_CONF, -l LXC_CONF
                        file to append lxc-configuration mount entries to
  --user-files, -u      create user files (/etc/{passwd,group})
  --inittab, -i         create basic inittab

While it is allowed to specify both an fstab and an LXC configuration,
there is generally no reason to do so, since only one is needed.

If you need user capabilities, you need to supply at least libnsl and
libnss_compat (and/or others, if configured in nsswitch.conf).

gen-min-lxc is released under the ISC license.