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Script fails to run if aria has no support for --enable-async-dns6 #1

yoshi314 opened this Issue · 0 comments

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Marcin Kowalski
Marcin Kowalski

It;'s possible to have aria2c built without this feature, therefore a workaround should be available, e.g. you could retry the same download command without this parameter if it fails.

some more info :

Torbjörn Lönnemark tobbez closed this issue from a commit
Torbjörn Lönnemark Work around broken behaviour in aria2 async DNS
The async DNS implementation in aria2 does not support dual stack
properly. This works around that (by disabling async DNS when it
is available).

Closes #1.
Torbjörn Lönnemark tobbez closed this in 2d7c334
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