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A QuickLook Plugin for previewing NetCDF files.
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A QuickLook Plugin for previewing NetCDF files. Use 'spacebar' when navigating in OSX Finder to view the "header" (info ouput by ncdump -h) for NetCDF files.

Requires that ncdump is installed at /usr/local/bin !

Fortunately if you installed netcdf using Homebrew (with the default settings) then ncdump should exist in the correct location already.


Here is an example.

Screen shot


Download one of the releases and copy the QLNetcdf.qlgenerator file to your ~/Library/QuickLook/ directory (or /Library/QuickLook/ to make the plugin available to all users).

You may have to force the QuickLook Server to reload so it picks up the new generator:

$ qlmnange -r

Known Issues

Sometimes the plugin fails to work (no preview is rendered). The best fix I have found is to force-relaunch Finder (cmd+option+esc)


The xcode project file is supplied with the project. The project has been built with xcode 4.6 and xcode 5.1

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