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validns installation


Known to compile and work on:

  • FreeBSD 10.0 amd64
  • FreeBSD 9.0 amd64
  • FreeBSD 8.2 i386
  • Ubuntu 10.10 1 i386
  • Debian 5.0.3 "lenny" x86_64
  • MacOS X 10.6.7 (10.7.0 Darwin) i386

Is likely to compile and work on any modern Unix-like OS.


  • Judy dynamic arrays
  • Test::Command::Simple perl module (for tests only)
    • FreeBSD: ports/devel/p5-Test-Command-Simple
    • anywhere: cpanm Test::Command::Simple


Type make. If there are troubles, have a long hard look at the Makefile, fix the problems, repeat.


Copy validns executable someplace.

The manual page will be added soon. Once it is here, copy it some(other)place as well.

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