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* Remove DHL from Webgistix shipping methods [Dennis Thiesen]
* Update Amazon FBA to use AWS credentials [John Tajima]
* Use new connection code from ActiveMerchant [cody]
* Add #valid_credentials? support to all fulfillment services [cody]
* Return 'Access Denied' message when Webgistix credenentials are invalid [cody]
* Update Shipwire endpoint hostname [cody]
* Add missing ISO countries [Edward Ocampo-Gooding]
* Add support for Guernsey to country.rb [cody]
* Use a Rails 2.3 compatible OrderedHash [cody]
* Use :words_connector instead of connector in RequiresParameters [cody]
* Provide Webgistix with a valid test sku to keep remote tests passing
* Update PostsData to support get requests
* Update Shipwire to latest version of dtd.
* Use real addresses for Shipwire remote fulfillment tests
* Pass Shipwire the ISO country code instead of the previous name and country combo. Always add the country element to the document
* Update Shipwire warehouses and don't send unneeded Content-Type header
* Add configurable timeouts from Active Merchant
* Shipwire: Send the company in address1 if present. Otherwise send address1 in address1.
* Always send address to Shipwire
* Map company to address1 with Shipwire
* Sync posts_data.rb with ActiveMerchant
* Add support for fetching tracking numbers to Shipwire
* Move email to the options hash. Refactor Shipwire commit method.
* Package for initial upload to Google Code
* Fix remote Webgistix test
* Add support for Fulfillment by Amazon Basic Fulfillment
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