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* Assume test_helper is in load path when running tests [cody]
* Add support Kunaki rating service [cody]
* Require active_support instead of activesupport to avoid deprecation warning in Rails 2.3.5 [cody]
* Remove ftools for Rails 1.9 compatibility and remove xml logging, as logging is now included in the connection [cody]
* Update connection code from ActiveMerchant [cody]
* Fix space-ridden USPS usernames when validating credentials [james]
* Remove extra slash from USPS URLs [james]
* Update Shipwire endpoint hostname [cody]
* Add missing ISO countries [Edward Ocampo-Gooding]
* Add support for Guernsey to country.rb [cody]
* Use :words_connector instead of connector in RequiresParameters [cody]
* Fix extra slash in UPS endpoints [cody]
* Add name to Shipwire class [cody]
* Improve FedEx handling of some error conditions [cody]
* Add support for validating credentials to Shipwire [cody]
* Add support for ssl_get to PostsData. Update Carriers to use PostsData module. Turn on retry safety for carriers [cody]
* Add support for Shipwire Shipping Rate API [cody]
* Cleanup package tests [cody]
* Remove unused Carrier#setup method [cody]
* Don't use Array splat in Regex comparisons in Package [cody]
* Default the Location to use the :alpha2 country code format [cody]
* Add configurable timeouts from Active Merchant [cody]
* Update xml_node.rb from XML Node [cody]
* Update requires_parameters from ActiveMerchant [cody]
* Sync posts_data.rb with ActiveMerchant [cody]
* Don't use credentials fixtures in local tests [cody]