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-= EM-Proxy
+= API Proxy
-EventMachine Proxy DSL:
+Proxy server that's supposed to be accelerate remote calls in Shopify.
-== Simple port forwarding proxy
+Inspired by Ilya Grigorik's inspired piece of work on EM based proxies:
- Proxy.start(:host => "", :port => 80) do |conn|
- conn.server :srv, :host => "", :port => 81
- # modify / process request stream
- conn.on_data do |data|
- p [:on_data, data]
- data
- end
- # modify / process response stream
- conn.on_response do |backend, resp|
- p [:on_response, backend, resp]
- resp
- end
- end
+== Overview
+Shopify forwards web requests to many remote locations for API
+apps. Api apps roughly work like facebook applications in the
+sense that the web requests arrives at Shopify's door but then
+needs to be forwarded to an arbitrary proxy endpoint.
+If we would do these remote calls within the rails code we would
+quickly run out of mongrels even if one of the backend services
+would be slow.
+This proxy server will check memcached for the endpoint URL
+and - if present - perform the HTTP request. After the http request
+is successfully completed it will stick the result into memcached
+and set two headers X-Proxy-Status and X-Proxy-Content before sending
+the request Shopify for further processing (liquid).
+== Licence
+This code is protected by the fact that it solves a proprietary problem.
+I hope it can serve as an example for people solving similar issues and I
+hope it will further the excellent discussion that Ilya kicked off.

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