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Truncated YAML crashes the delayed_job daemon #12

dball opened this Issue · 5 comments

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We were working with some beefy jobs that silently overflowed the default TEXT columns in mysql. The truncated YAML data were unable to be loaded, and were causing the daemon to crash. It looks like incomplete error handling in the job.deserialize method to me; the second YAML.load call doesn't have a rescue block, and the main rescue block for the method doesn't catch the YAML syntax error.


similar error...has anyone got solution ??


I've experienced the same thing! Also, using Class.delay.method(String), the string has some characters in it that cause deserialization to fail, thereby killing the whole thing.


Me too - Seems like YAML chokes on some input. Is there a way to safely encode the data before passing to delay?


When possible, it is more reliable to create a job using a unique identifier of a record, such as an ID, rather than the instance itself.


Did anyone of you solved this issue?

I have a job on my table which won't be deleted as the YAML is truncated. ¿is it safe to delete if from the table?

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