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Delayed job gem on gemcutter #16

richievos opened this Issue Nov 20, 2009 · 2 comments

3 participants


Since github doesn't support compiling gems anymore, do you have any plans to move delayed_job onto gemcutter? I'm trying to get rid of my references to github as a source, but delayed_job is one of the few stragglers left.

I can push jerryvos-delayed_job to gemcutter for my own purposes, but would prefer to just use a real delayed_job gem or a tobi- one.

I'd happily provide any assistance in doing this and/or push a gem there myself, but don't want to steal ownership of delayed_job out there (though if you ask me to push it I can and then add you as an admin of it).

mislav commented Nov 21, 2009

The gem is already available on gemcutter, but it's collectiveidea's fork.


We'd be happy to hand over the keys to delayed_job on gemcutter if there's an official version. There's been talk on the mailing list about moving toward this.

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