No way to unit test send_later effectively #21

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I am trying to unit test DJ with some emails that are being set to send_later. While I can check the database for the record, it seems like it would make more sense if I could:

1 - Check that DJ has it
2 - Simulate a run
3 - Check to make sure it ran as expected.

Any thoughts?


Yup. You should be able to do the following in a unit test:

  1. Verify there are no delayed jobs already in the db:
    assert_equal 0, Delayed::Job.count
  2. Make a call that will result in the job being enqueued
  3. Verify that DJ has it
    assert_equal 1, Delayed::Job.count
  4. Simulate a run
  5. Check that it ran as expected
    assert_equal 0, Delayed::Job.count
    and then any assertions that you need to do to check that DJ actually worked.
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