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Pankaj Tyagi
Pankaj Tyagi

See comment on issue #43.

This actually does not work. The first worker will block the next until it receives a kill (TERM or INT) and then the next one starts. This is not multiple works but running three one after the other. Please remove this incorrect documentation as it will cause people to waste time trying it.

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Mar 07, 2013
Pankaj Tyagi ptyagi16 Incorrect code example removed 5a3d451
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@@ -99,15 +99,7 @@ You can also run by writing a simple @script/job_runner@, and invoking it extern
99 99 </code></pre>
100 100
101 101 Workers can be running on any computer, as long as they have access to the database and their clock is in sync. You can even
102   -run multiple workers on per computer, but you must give each one a unique name:
103   -
104   -<pre><code>
105   - 3.times do |n|
106   - worker =
107   - = 'worker-' + n.to_s
108   - worker.start
109   - end
110   -</code></pre>
  102 +run multiple workers on per computer, but you must give each one a unique name.
111 103
112 104 Keep in mind that each worker will check the database at least every 5 seconds.
113 105

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