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godis/exp - an experimental Redis client for Go. It supports commands and features through a simple API which aims to be is easy to use.

  1. Package docs
  2. Source code

Install godis

godis/exp is available at Get it by running.

$ go get

Importing godis/exp will add a redis context to program.

Use exp-godis

A few examples are included. The following demonstrates SET and GET. See example/ for more.

package main

import (

func main() {
    c := redis.NewClient("tcp:")

    res, err := c.Call("SET", "foo", "bar")

    if err != nil {

    res, _ = c.Call("GET", "foo")
    println("GET foo:", res.Elem.String())

Build and run the example.

$ make string; ./string

You should see the following printed in the terminal.

GET foo: bar 

In case your redis server isn't running, you'll get an error.

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