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// Package mogrify binds to libgd to perform transformations on
// images. It supports GIF/JPEG/PNG images, which it can decode and
// encode to. You can decode from a format and encode to another.
// The current set of transformations is limited to cropping, resizing
// and resampling.
package mogrify
import (
// Image can be used to transform existing images.
type Image interface {
Bounds() Bounds
NewResampled(bounds Bounds) (*GdImage, error)
NewResized(bounds Bounds) (*GdImage, error)
NewCropped(x int, y int, bounds Bounds) (*GdImage, error)
image() *gdImage
// Dimensions of an image, as a string of the form:
// NxM
// where N is the width, M the height, of the image.
func Dimensions(img Image) string {
return fmt.Sprintf("%dx%d", img.Bounds().Width, img.Bounds().Height)