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package mogrify
import (
type decodeFunc func(io.Reader) (Image, error)
type encodeFunc func(io.Writer, Image) (int64, error)
var (
encoders = make(map[string]encodeFunc)
decoders = make(map[string]decodeFunc)
func registerFormat(mime string, e encodeFunc, d decodeFunc) {
encoders[mime] = e
decoders[mime] = d
func init() {
registerFormat("image/png", EncodePng, DecodePng)
registerFormat("image/jpeg", EncodeJpeg, DecodeJpeg)
registerFormat("image/jpg", EncodeJpeg, DecodeJpeg)
registerFormat("image/gif", EncodeGif, DecodeGif)
// Encode an image onto a writer using an encoder appropriate for the
// given mimetype, if one exists.
func Encode(mime string, w io.Writer, i Image) (int64, error) {
encoder, ok := encoders[mime]
if !ok {
return 0, fmt.Errorf("no encoder for mime type '%s'", mime)
return encoder(w, i)
// Decode an image from the reader using a decoder appropriate for the
// given mimetype, if one exists.
func Decode(mime string, r io.Reader) (Image, error) {
decoder, ok := decoders[mime]
if !ok {
return nil, fmt.Errorf("no decoder for mime type '%s'", mime)
return decoder(r)