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Ezra Project Technology

Ezra Project is a web-based desktop application based on Electron. It is programmed in JavaScript, uses SQLite as its database and HTML with jQuery UI for its frontend. Bible translation modules are managed using node-sword-interface.

Furthermore, the following components are used (among others):

  • Sequelize ORM for handling database access
  • Umzug Migration library for handling database schema upgrades
  • Pug template engine for rendering verse list
  • jQuery Steps for the bible translation wizard
  • ISO-639-3 for turning bible translation language codes into readable language names
  • officegen for exporting tagged verse lists to Word documents
  • SpinKit for CSS-animated loading spinners
  • I18next for internationalization

To package Ezra Project, the following components are used:

Code metrics of Ezra Projects are available here.

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