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[x] Offset handling for different versifications
[x] Install translations
[x] Uninstall translations
[x] Add help text for empty tag list
[x] Build for Windows
[x] Detect the books that a translation contains and disable other books in the book selection menu
[x] Add global search
[x] Add global loading indicator
[x] Fix highlighNavElement in regard to different tabs used (idea: Introduce new class that holds state for individual tabs)
[x] Highlight search results in navigation pane
[x] Show bible module information
[x] Implement export of tagged verses list
[x] Fix init_verse_expand_box / verse_expand_box for 2nd/3rd tab ...
[x] Add "Add tab button"
[x] Isolate tag list related functionality in a separate module
[x] Better language code handling
[x] Synchronize against already installed SWORD modules upon startup
[x] Better sword.conf handling on Linux
[x] Only disable close button of first tab when it's the last one
[x] Reduce font-size of tag selection menu
[x] Correct path setting on Linux
[x] Correct path setting on Windows
[x] Fix bug: Remember the last selected bible translation and set that as default
[x] Add loading indicator for tag list
[x] Delete sqlite build/source files in release
[x] Visualize current book in book selection menu
[x] Add possibility for showing tags in a separate column next to the text
[x] Sword module info: Add information on whether module is global or user module
[x] Signed package for Mac
[x] Installer for Windows
[x] Remove the possibility of uninstalling global modules (It's not possible as a user anyway!)
[x] Provide translation info before installing a module
[x] Correct/update package dependencies
[x] Tag amount displayed in tagged verses popup
[x] Fix bug: Tab is renamed to -------- after renaming of tag
[x] Add Sword version somewhere (About?)
[x] Fully tested Apple version
[x] Fix node-sword-interface build on CentOS 7: Add self-compiled cmake to Docker
[x] Localization support
[x] Jumping to chapter does not work in German
[x] Recently used tags (show the 10 last used tags)
[x] Parallel translation display for current version selection
[x] Implement "copy verse(s) to clipboard"
[x] Update tag statistics when adding tags
[x] Do not show navigationPane initially
[x] Hide verse context button also when leaving the button towards the left side
[x] Do not show a book in the book selection menu anymore when a tagged verse list or search results are shown
[x] Fix tags_controller.format_passage_reference_for_view for tags / search mode
[x] Focus input field when opening module search menu
[x] Respond to enter/return key in module search form
[x] Respond to enter/return key in new tag form
[x] Properly highlight search results in in-place search when using a tagged verse list or search results
[x] Implement a new release info functionality
[x] Cleanup gyp shebang
[x] Package for CentOS 8
[x] Synchronize tags across tabs
[x] Optimize resize_app_container performance by making it tab-specific
[ ] Fix bug: Tag label click's cannot handle &
[ ] Refresh tagged verse lists in other tabs if a relevant tag is assigned/removed in the current tab
[ ] Add loading indicator to tag list popup, because initial loading may be slow
[ ] Add recently used tags filter to Tags menu
[ ] Add filter in Tag list popup: Only show current book
[ ] Put all build scripts in one folder
[ ] Add link to verse references in verse lists, so that the user can jump directly to the full context of a verse
[ ] Understand differences in NT versification and handle it correctly in the software
[ ] Add options to book search (case sensitivity, multi word)
[ ] Highlight module search results
[ ] Implement Sword module unlocking
[ ] Put in-place search menu as a wider horizontal bar below the bible text
[ ] Integration with Wikipedia for places (show links, show summaries from pages, ...)
[ ] Tagged verse list sharing
[ ] Refactor tags_controller
[ ] Signed Windows installer
[ ] Integrate sqlite VACUUM sql command
[ ] Optimize startup time using V8 snapshots:
[ ] Add 'x' to search input field
[ ] Remove double paragraph's in translation infos
[ ] Filter out double tags (still valid??)
[ ] X-Refs
[ ] Strongs support
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