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TorqueBox demo from my Hoedown 2011 lightning talk
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TweetWatch w/WebSockets

This is a TorqueBox demo app that uses the TorqueBox configuration DSL and the STOMP over WebSockets support. It searches Twitter for a given set of search terms, converts them to Swedish chef, and delivers them to any connected browsers via STOMP over WebSockets.

To Deploy

Install jruby-1.6.4 (and mayhap create a gemset as well):

$ rvm install jruby-1.6.4@tweetwatch

Then install bundler and run bundle:

$ gem install bundler
$ bundle install 

This will install the TorqueBox via torquebox-server gem (among other things) which is quite large, so this step may take a while.

Edit config/torquebox.rb and set your twitter username and password in the environment block. You can also change the search terms in block for the TweetGrabber service.

Deploy the app and run it via the torquebox command (installed with the torquebox-server gem):

$ torquebox deploy .
$ torquebox run

To Use

Visit http://localhost:8080/ in a modern browser (I've tested this app with Chrome and Safari).

To Learn More

If you are interested in the TorqueBox WebSockets support, read the blog post series on the subject at:

If you have any trouble, come find me in #torquebox on freenode.

This app uses and includes the cheferize library:

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