A gem that provides easy access to remote servers.
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Server Remote

Server Remote is a gem that provides common application server commands over ssh via a script in script/ called remote.

Currently, it provides the following commands:

  • remote shell – same as ssh’ing to the server (this is the default command, so it can be called with just remote)
  • remote console – executes a script/console on the server
  • remote logtail – executes tail -f log/<environment>.log on the server
  • remote logtail path/to/logfile – executes tail -f path/to/logfile on the server
  • remote cmd <some command> executes command on the server, displaying the result. It @cd@’s to the remote app root first.
  • remote scp <local_file> :<remote_file> provides scp. Prefix remote files with ‘:’


Configuration is stored in config/server_remote.yml. On installation, a sample file is copied to APP_ROOT/config/ (along with APP_ROOT/script/remote).

The configuration file groups configurations into profiles. A profile defines the info needed to connect to a server, along with the path to the app and the environment it is running under.

The default profile is app_. This can be changed with the @defaultprofile:@ setting in the config file, and overridden on any call with the -p profile switch. This switch must be the first argument. Example:

script/remote -p admin console


First, install the gem (from Gemcutter):

gem install server_remote

Second, use server_remotify command to create the config and script file in your project:

server_remotify path_to_app

If either of the config/ or script/ dirs do not exist, they will be created for you.

Note: this plugin uses the ssh and scp binaries, which must be in your path. I have absolutely no idea if it will work on Windows.

Copyright © 2009 Tobias Crawley, released under the MIT license