My intro to Vert.x presentation on 24-July-2013 at
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Introduction to Vert.x presentation

This is a presentation I gave at on 24-July-2013. You can view the rendered slides at

Sample app

To run the sample app:

  1. install Vert.x
  2. vertx/bin to your path
  3. cd sample-app/
  4. vertx run bridge_server.js
  5. point a browser at http://localhost:8081/

In my demo, I used the Clojure verticle instead (app.clj), but using that requires manually installing the Clojure module. Give that a shot if you’re feeling froggy.


The presentation is licensed under cc-by-sa 3.0. The sample code is adapted from a Vert.x example, and carries forward that license.