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GIMO-m is a generic multi-class data mining system based on the ideas from the original (application-specific and binary) GIMO system as published in (Tobias Baum, Steffen Herbold, Kurt Schneider: "A Multi-Objective Anytime Rule Mining System to Ease Iterative Feedback from Domain Experts"). Like GIMO, GIMO-m differs from most other data mining algorithms because it is interactive and multi-objective.

You can start GIMO-m with a CSV file as the only command line argument. There needs to be a column named "classification" that contains the class labels. The type of all other columns (numeric or string) is automatically determined. Once GIMO-m is started, you can open it in a browser (usually at localhost:4567) and start to interact with it. Usually, you want to start a "Mining agent" that will automatically determine classification rules.

The repository contains four example CSV files that you can use to play around a bit.

Sources of the examples: