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This project investigates how expectations affect causal selections in visual animations.
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Causal expectations

This repository contains the data, experiments, and analysis script for the paper "Expectations affect physical causation judgments" by Tobias Gerstenberg and Thomas Icard.

Project structure

├── code
│   ├── R
│   └── experiments
│       ├── Experiment_1
│       ├── Experiment_2
│       ├── Experiment_3
│       └── Experiment_4
├── data
├── docs
├── figures
└── videos
  • code/R/: analysis code
    • the analysis code can be viewed directly here
  • code/experiments/: experiment code
    • experiments were run using psiturk
  • data/: contains the participant data base
  • figures/: diagram and results figure
  • videos/: video of each type of clip shown to participants; note that in the experiment, the position of the balls and the positions of the blocks was counterbalanced (e.g. for some participants, ball A was at the top and ball B at the bottom, and vice versa for other participants)
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