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Generate Lisk Avatars from your Lisk ID
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Lisk Avatar generates the same avatars as you have seen on Lisk Hub.

Lisk Avatar is built on top of micro and based on the avatar generation algorithm from Lisk Hub

How to use avatar

To generate an avatar just embed following URL Now you can append a Lisk ID to generate an avatar

You will receive a svg that you can embed within your application.

Each Lisk ID will generate a unique avatar. Just replace 1234567890L with your Lisk ID

SVG avatar

Per default the service returns an SVG avatar


PNG avatar

It is possible to receive an png avatar by adding the extension .png

Custom size

Just add the size parameter after the Lisk ID. SVG and PNG are both supported.


Support me

Of course feel free to support my work by voting for elevate or simply donating a small amount! :)

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