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Grim Mouse
A point-and-click interface for Grim Fandango 
Version 0.7

Executables and instructions are available at

Source code is available at:

What is this ?
Grim Mouse allows to play 'Grim Fandango' like a point-and-click adventure, 
instead of the original tank-style keyboard controls.
The mod is based on the ResidualVM game engine, which means it will also run on
Mac and Linux, not only on Windows as the original game.

* Important note *
Please note that as the game was never meant to be played using the mouse,
Grim Mouse heavily modifies both the game source code and the surrounding
VM-- Neither LucasArts nor the ResidualVM team will provide support for this
mod. See below for information on how to report bugs.

Current state
This mod is alpha. 
You may run into bugs, which may prevent you from finishing the game --
so save often and play at your own risk.

Installing Grim Mouse
Installation of Grim Mouse works exactly like installation of ResidualVM.
In short:
1. Copy all the files in the 'grimdata' folder of both Grim Fandango CDs
   into a folder on your hard drive. Overwriting duplicate files is fine.
2. Download the original v1.1 patch (gfupd101.exe) from
   and put it into the same folder.
3. Mac: Mount (double-click) the .dmg file, and drag the residualvm icon into /Applications
   Windows: Extract the contents of the zip file to any folder on your hard disk
4. Start Grim Mouse / ResidualVM
5. Click 'Add Game' and navigate to your gamedata folder from Step 1
   The screen should say "Grim Fandango Windows/English". That's ok, even
   if running it on Mac or Linux.
6. Click 'OK' and 'Start' -> you're all set.

If your have any problems installing, you may also consult the original
ResidualVM guide ( or README.ResidualVM, as the process is
the same.

Most of the keyboard controls still work in the original manner;
while the game should be playable 100% using the mouse only, if there are
some puzzles which you prefer to solve using the old interface, you can do so.

* New controls *
Left-click   : Walk and use 
               If you left-click on an object, it is used. If Manny
               is holding an inventory object, it is used on the scene object.
Double-click : Run and use
               Same as single-click, except Manny will run to the object.
Right-click  : Look at / Use inventory object on its own
               Same as left-click, except Manny will look at an object instead
               of using it. If Manny is holding an inventory object, right-click
               will use it on its own (e.g. deck of cards, or fire extinguisher
               in Beaver Dam)
Middle-click : Open Inventory
(or I key)     If Manny is holding an object, he will put it away.
               Left-click within the inventory selects an object, right-click
               will make Manny look at it.
Space key    : Show all hotspots in the scene
Shift + Z    : Toggle developer mode

* Useful old controls *
Alt+Enter    : Toggle fullscreen mode
Arrow keys   : Control Manny the old fashioned way
E,U,P,I      : Examine, Use, Pickup, Inventory
F1           : Menu (use arrow keys to navigate)
Escape       : Skip some cutscenes
.            : Skip dialogue lines

Bugs are to be expected. Please report your bugs in the github issue tracker (preferred)
or by email (verticalduck (at) if you don't have a github account.

If you are stuck due to a bug and want to continue playing the game, you can try
using the old controls to manouver out of broken boxes, or activating the 
developer mode with Shift+Z and teleport into an adjacent scene etc. (Check 
README.ResidualVM for the developer mode shortcuts)
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