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Compare one site to another.

HTTPare is built mainly for quality assuring website migrations, where you want to be certain all the paths of the old site is handled in the new one. This is important both to avoid having users ending up at a 404 page and for keeping inbound link juice (SEO).


NB: I'm adopting Readme Driven Development for this project and so what you read here might not yet be implemented until a 1.0.0 release.

You give HTTPare two arguments; one for the source site and one for the target site.

$ httpare -r
404 /about-tobias
301 /blog -> /uber-blog

This is a sample output from a migration of my site site I'm keeping a local copy of the new site at and using HTTPare I can see which paths differs between the old and the new site.

404 /about-tobias

In the above example I can see that the old "About Tobias" page has gone missing and the 404 status code is a page not found.

301 /blog -> /uber-blog

Here I see that I used to have a /blog page but it has been handled and redirected to a new URL. This usually means everything is fine, which is why HTTPare won't show redirects without the --show-redirects (-r for short) option.


Compare one website with another




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