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FireFile was my top choice for developing with CSS until I started using the LessCSS framework. The premis of "Less" is so simple but very powerful. Unfortunately I'm using the "" compiler which generates a css file, and so I don't edit the css file directly anymore. Maybe it is outside the scope of Firefile but I'll still mention it: I'd like to see integration with Less CSS, because if I have to give up either FireFile or Less CSS it sadly would have to be FireFile. Thanks again for a very cool product.


tobiasstrebitzer commented Jan 16, 2012

I like the idea, but currently i don't see an easy solution to implement that in firefile...

Firebug/Firefile invalidates the values of css-properties, marks any "less"- notation invalid, and removes it...
Even if it's possible to allow less notation in css (by firebug), firefox won't handle the results properly, which means it can't recognize the values, and therefore ignores the props.

The only solution might be to include your less- generated css files as well as an override css file (style-firefile.css) which you use for firefile, and later implement the source of style-firefile.css in your less file...

hmm, the style-firefile.css is not a bad idea. maybe i'll give that a try. thanks again for a sweet tool.

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