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Does not work on FF 17.0.1 #39

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I just noticed that it does not work anymore. Not sure why, maybe because of my FF getting update 17.0.1. Now when I select a style instead of css value it shows [object CSSStyleRule]. Any ideas?


Same here: FF17.0.1 / Firebug 1.11.0


The underlying issue here looks to be that Firebug began using reps to store property values in 1.11, and FireFile overwrites those.


Is there a solution in sight? What i noticed in the past tense is that the original author seems to be inactive. firefile had to be fixed from 3rd party before, hopefully we'll have a fix that time soon. eventually there is someone to continue the firefile development because it seems that it still is used from a lot a people.


We might be able to solve this from Firebug's side. I filed issue 6129 - with luck we might this fixed for Friday.


Good news!


Wow, this is an very active project. I just had the idea a moment ago "what if I could save my changes from firebug". Googled it. Boom here I am. Comments made about the issues I am having within the last few minutes. Amazing.

Good work on this one, it could take off. Apparently.


I think this is something FireFile should fix, not Firebug.
See my reasons on issue 6129.



Agreed, and there are other conflicts too that more directly are things that FireFile is doing wrong (several right click options, locationless rules, overriding CSSStylePanel.prototype.template with something that doesn't implement all the tags, etc.).

I don't have anything against doing a work-around on our end though, just to avoid the current user inconvenience.


i just deployed v0.9.1 to mozilla addons. The issue should be fixed:

as it's a "rescue- release", i did not spend too much time testing it, so if anyone can confirm it's working i'll close this issue.


Now when I click on css rule I don't get this [object CSSStyleRule] anymore(Great!), but when I hit save button it shows me: "1 file could not be saved(file permission?)". Was not seeing that before. Tried restarting browser, adding domain to firefile again, but didn't work. Anyone else getting the same? By the way I am working on Windows, so permissions should not be an issue...


I discovered the same as dorvidas
@tobiasstrebitzer : Danke für den Support!


I confirm the problem of dorvidas, exactly the same scenario: error when saving file with v0.9.1. So I decided to remove my web site to add it again but didn't work. Impossible to add again the web site...


I just figured out that the firefile button is not added to the addon- bar by default. That causes Firefile to not recognize a registered site. For now, you need to add the button to the addon- bar manually (although i'll fix this asap):

  1. Open View > Toolbars > Customize
  2. Drag the FireFile Icon next to the Firebug Button (to the right of the location bar)
  3. Open up firefile.php in your browser and login
  4. Activate Firefile and refresh the page

I testet the functionality in MacOSX and Windows XP, both working, if you still experience the file permissions error, please post your OS-, Firefox-, Firebug- and FireFile Version.

Thanks for your patience!


Hello, I am also having the same problem with permissions after updating the plugin with the version of Firefox, the CSS files are with the permissions correctly configured, but are not allowing me to save the changes. I use the latest version of the plugin, 0.9.2 and version 17.0.1 of Firefox with 'Windows 7' operating system. I await a help!


Just to complete the above information, I did a downgrade to version 0.9.1 and automatically FireFile returned to work properly saving changes without the error permission. We are waiting for the fix of the latest version. Thanks for this fantastic plugin that assists the work of many programmers.


Seems that with the latest update of the plugin the server file firefile.php has to be updated, too. It doesn't let me save any changes. So i updated to server file firefile.php, too. What happend next was that my css file was damaged, since that new firefile.php is buggy. At least on my systems it has trailing backslashes in front of every " chars (missing removeslashes() ??).

I think a few more persons will have that problem. So be aware of damaged css files as soon as you upgrade.

I really dislike that update policy. I use the plugin in my regularly work and from one moment to the other it stops working, and additionally corrupts my files. As soon as such server specific formats will change or other mayor updates, the user really should have the chance to make a manuell upgrade. Automatic upgrades are for minor changes which don't need testing. I think most of the users are using firefile as a production solution and are not prepared for corrupted systems every few days.


@cfpotel: the problem should be solved in the latest version of firefile (server).

If you are using FireFile in a productive environment, i'd recommend disabling automatic updates in your Firefox Addons configuration, also disable automatic updates of Firefox itself. FireFile is at no point updating itself automatically (neither server nor client), this is what Firefox does, if so configured.

I understand your frustration, and i'm sorry your stylesheets got damaged. I was forced to rewrite FireFile (client) at its core, as Firebug changed some ways of handling stylesheets. By rewriting the Firefox plugin, i also figured that some major updates on the server script are reasonable. Updating both sides seemed the best way to proceed.

I do agree on implementing a better upgrade workflow, i'll switch to a stable/development- version workflow to always have a reliable option to stick with, until a never version get confirmed stable.

Thank you for your feedback!


Thanks for your answer. What can i do against the problem that the css currently is broken with firefile.php 0.9.4 ? My original css has been approx 35k and after saving the first time with the new firefile.php it only has around 8k and is missing most of the css rules. They just disappeared and i have no glue why .. :)



im using FF 18.02 + firebug 1.11 + firefile 0.92 and i cant upload any changes that i have made (Only red arrow appears). Firefile show that im logged in and firebug as activ and it has added my site to firefile... Permission on my Server are set to 777. But upload still doesnt work!
bitte um Hilfe ;-)

Update: Firefile 0.91 works! (with a old firefile.php too)


yes i think i used used the latest firefile.php (downloaded it from


no updates anymore? the project is too good to sleep :-(


The project is really dead now? Any one to take it over?

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