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Frugal - a Colloquy Style

This is the projectpage for Frugal, a style for the Mac OS X IRC-client Colloquy. This project is maintained by Jeena Paradies and Tobias Tom.

The intention was to create a style for this great IRC-client which is simple, functional but good looking. All other styles couldn't attract us.


Current version: Frugal 1.1


  • colored nicks (same color even if you change your nick, uses the hostmask to identify)
  • unique timestamps
  • nickname shows on hover users hostmask
  • clean and unobtrusive design
  • inline images (click on the magnifying glass after the link)
  • different variations
    • Normal
    • LayoutOnly
    • NoColloredLinks
    • NoUniqueTimeStamp


Download and unzipp the package. Then move it to ~/Library/Application Support/Colloquy/Styles/

How to use it

If you don't like to restart Colloquy to load the style, you can write /reload styles (enter) and then /reload style so it should be accessible under Styles. You can use different versions depending on your needs. The names are self describing.

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