Deliverables of the HTML Working Group
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Deliverables of the HTML Working Group

Build instructions:

python scripts/ [html|2dcontext]

output is placed in output/[html|2dcontext]

Spec Editing Cheatsheet

Checking out the HTML spec

  1. the HTML spec is on GitHub

  2. there are multiple branches - get master to build the spec

Pull the code from GitHub:

$ git clone
$ cd html
$ git checkout -b whatwg origin/feature/whatwg
Check what branches you now have:
$ git branch

To continue editing at a later stage:

$ git checkout master
$ git pull --rebase
Then check out each branch and:
$ git rebase master

To commit and push code to GitHub:

$ git commit -a
$ git push

Configuring git

Installing the necessary software

  1. you need to have python installed

  2. install anolislib:

Get anolislib from Mike’s github repo:

$ git clone git://
$ mkdir ~/opt
$ easy_install -d ~/opt html5lib
$ easy_install -d ~/opt lxml

Build the HTML spec

$ cd html
$ git checkout master
$ export PYTHONPATH=~/opt:~/Sites/html5/html5forAuthors/anolis/
$ python scripts/ html

Resulting page is in output/html/single-page.html Or the multipage version at output/html/spec.html

Cherry pick commits from the WHATWG spec

  1. the WHATWG spec is developed in SVN at the WHATWG
  2. there is a git clone of it on GitHub
  3. we cherry-pick commits from the WHATWG spec into the html spec

Checkout the WHATWG spec:

$ git checkout feature/whatwg

Find out commit differences to html branch:

$ git cherry master

Find a commit that you want to apply, get it’s SHA:

$ git log

Show the SHA commit e.g.:

$git show 56446c4536af1ec5b39bde03b402d0772625fd92

Checkout the html spec:

$ git checkout master

Cherry pick the commit selected from before:

$ git cherry-pick -x 56446c4536af1ec5b39bde03b402d0772625fd92

If you want to edit the commit:

$ git cherry-pick -x -e 56446c4536af1ec5b39bde03b402d0772625fd92

Show changes to GitHub:

$ git diff origin

If you want to abort a cherry-pick:

$ git cherry-pick --abort

If you need a merge strategy:

$ git cherry-pick --strategy=ours -x 56446c4536af1ec5b39bde03b402d0772625fd92

Only pick parts of the commit (no-commit, then add selectively):

$ git cherry-pick -n -x 56446c4536af1ec5b39bde03b402d0772625fd92
$ git add -i
   r = revert a file
   p = go through by hunk and re-patch
   (when “>>” hit ENTER to start)
   q = bye
To just commit the staged parts:
$ git commit
To reset the unselected hunks:
$ git checkout complete.html index source

Create a new feature branch:

[make sure your .gitconfig defaults push to upstream]

$ git checkout master
$ git checkout -b feature/blah
$ git push --set-upstream origin feature/blah

Merging a feature branch:

You should not use the GitHub pull request merge feature, but instead rebase locally and push (to avoid a messy merge and get a linear history):

$ git checkout feature/blah
$ git rebase master

Test everything still works, then push to GitHub:

$ git push -f

Then merge on master:

$ git checkout master
$ git merge feature/blah
$ git push

If you want to delete the branch, too, remove it both on local and GitHub (the issue with the pull request will continue to exist):

$ git branch -d feature/blah
$ git push origin :feature/blah