Node library for resolving and graphing Common JS module dependencies.
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module-grapher resolves CommonJS module dependencies through recursive static analysis.

Although itself a node.js program, module-grapher's main target is client-side code.

While it can be used to build dependency graphs of node programs, it is unaware of node's special node_modules directory or NPM's nested package dependencies conventions. In fact, module-grapher is totally unaware of packages at large (it supports search paths, however). Programs relying on external packages will need to install them via a package manager like Kris Zyp's excellent CPM. module-grapher is designed to resolve module dependencies, not package dependencies.

In the future, module-grapher might become package-aware to handle cases where multiple versions of the same package are required, but this is not currently a priority.

module-grapher supports CoffeeScript and can be easily extended to support other languages which compile to JavaScript.


module-grapher is available as an NPM module.

$ npm install module-grapher


module-grapher accepts an filepath, source code or module identifier as input.

To get dependencies from a module:

require('module-grapher').graph('foo', {
  paths: ['./lib', './vendor'], // defaults to the equivalent of ['.']
  root: 'path/to/package/root/' // defaults to process.cwd()
}, callback);

Other options include:

  • extensions (defaults to ['.js', '.coffee']): an array of supported extensions.
  • allowDirModules: Also search for modules in the index file of the directory named after them. So look for module foo/bar not only in foo/bar.js but also in foo/bar/index.js. Defaults to false.
  • allowMissingModules: don't throw when a module is missing. Just mark it as such. Defaults to false.
  • allowDynamicModuleIdentifiers: don't throw when the identifier of module isn't a string. Defaults to false.


Your choice of MIT or Apache, Version 2.0 licenses. module-grapher is copyright 2010 Tobie Langel.