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ua-parser PHP Library

This is the PHP library for the ua-parser project. This library utilizes the user agents regex YAML file from ua-parser but otherwise creates its own set of attributes to describe a browser, OS, and device.


You can test the PHP library with your browser.



$ua = UA::parse();

print $ua->family;         // Chrome (can also use $ua->browser)
print $ua->major;          // 16
print $ua->minor;          // 0
print $ua->patch;          // 912 (can also use $ua->build)
print $ua->browserFull;    // Chrome 16.0.912
print $ua->version;        // 16.0.912

print $ua->os;             // Mac OS X
print $ua->osMajor;        // 10
print $ua->osMinor;        // 6
print $ua->osPatch;        // 8 (can also use $ua->osBuild)
print $ua->osFull;         // Mac OS X 10.6.8
print $ua->osVersion;      // 10.6.8

print $ua->full;           // Chrome 16.0.912/Mac OS X 10.6.8

// in select cases the device information will also be captured

print $ua->device;         // Palm Pixi
print $ua->deviceMajor;    // 1
print $ua->deviceMinor;    // 0
print $ua->deviceFull;     // Palm Pixi 1.0
print $ua->deviceVersion;  // 1.0

// some other generic boolean options

print $ua->isMobile;       // true or false
print $ua->isMobileDevice; // true or false
print $ua->isTablet;       // true or false
print $ua->isSpider;       // true or false
print $ua->isComputer;     // true or false
print $ua->isUIWebview;    // true or false, iOS-only

Getting the User-Agent Data

To get the user-agent data for either the initial load of the project or each night as a cron job you can use the following on the command line:

%: cd /path/to/project/
%: php UAParser.php -get

If you use the cron job method it's highly encouraged that you run UAParser.php -get in silent mode. To do so do the following:

%: php UAParser.php -get -silent

You can also turn off back-ups by doing the following:

%: php UAParser.php -get -nobackup

And you can run in silent mode and turn off back-ups by doing the following:

%: php UAParser.php -get -silent -nobackup

Alternatively, you can create a PHP script that includes the following:




The silent and nobackup variables can also be modified directly in the UAParser.php script on lines #36 and #37 respectively.

Using ua-parser For a Redirect Script

It's very simple to use ua-parser as a redirect script. To do so do the following:


    // require the ua-parser-php library

    // parse the requesting user agent
    $result = UA::parse();

    // redirect phones, to redirect tablets use isMobileDevice
    if ($result->isMobile) {

    // run through the rest of your code for the page for desktop devices & spiders


You can use any of the properties above to perform the redirect but the boolean options are probably easiest.


Thanks to the ua-parser team for making the YAML file available for others to build upon. Thanks to Bryan Shelton for some fixes.

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