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The source code for Mecklenburg County's GeoPortal.
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Latest commit f294320 @tobinbradley Fix to fullscreen button, removed link to old app.
The exit fullscreen button on the map wasn't stopping click propagation,
so it was identifying the map feature under the button on exit. Also
removed link to old app now that IE9 has finally been (mostly) killed by

GeoPortal v3

Created by Mecklenburg County GIS. Online over here.

Built using:

  • Material Design Lite
  • Leaflet
  • React

Building the Project

GeoPortal is strictly HTML/CSS/JS and can run locally via gulp.

First, install the global dependencies. You'll need Node and npm (if separate with your distro) installed before you begin.

npm install -g gulp tape

Next install the required modules.

npm install

Then build the public folder.

gulp build

Now you can launch a development environment at any time by typing gulp. To build the app for deployment (minifying CSS and uglifying JS), add a type of production to your build.

gulp build --type production
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