Mecklenburg County historical aerials viewer
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Mecklenburg County historical aerials viewer. DEMO

You'll need git and Node to get started. If you aren't using yarn substitute npm in those commands.

git clone
cd timemachine
yarn install

To run the project with a development server, yarn start. To build the project for production, yarn run build and copy the contents of the dist folder to your web server. It's simple HTML/CSS/JS, so no server side processing setup is required.

To customize the code for another municipality, change the map initial center/zoom in app/main.js, and change the layer code in app/js/layers.js to point to your aerial sources.

The search is set up for Mecklenburg using a fork of Mapbox's mapbox-gl-geocoder. You could fork the fork and customize something using your own API, or you could use Mapbox's geocoder with their API, the latter being the easiest way to go.