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set -e -f -u -o pipefail
# Wrap apps that are automatically restarted by launchd. This sleeps for 60
# seconds after the app exits, so that updates can be installed. Why not do
# that using ThrottleInterval? ThrottleInterval says "an app must run for at
# least this long", so if you kill a long-running app to upgrade it, launchd
# will just restart it automatically, and the upgrade process will fail.
# Kill any leftover processes from previous attempts. Sleeps for 15 seconds in
# total if there are leftovers, 0 seconds if not.
kill_leftovers() {
# Assumes that every app looks like "/Applications/Backup and
# and Sync". Strip off /Contents... so that
# processes like "/Applications/Backup and
# are found and killed.
local app_prefix="${1%/Contents*}"
if [[ -z "$(leftover_pids "${app_prefix}")" ]]; then
return 0
leftover_pids "${app_prefix}" | xargs kill "-TERM"
sleep 10
leftover_pids "${app_prefix}" | xargs kill "-KILL"
sleep 5
leftover_pids() {
local app_prefix="$1"
# ps produces output like:
# 31329 ?? /Applications/Backup and
# Use grep before awk because escaping the / in ${app_prefix} will be hard.
# Only kill things that don't have a controlling terminal (??).
# pgrep doesn't support matching on prefixes, disable shellcheck warning.
# shellcheck disable=SC2009
ps -u "${USER}" -x -o pid,tty,comm \
| grep -F "${app_prefix}" \
| awk '$2 == "??" { print $1 }'
main() {
kill_leftovers "$1"
local exit_status=0
# Run the app.
"$@" || exit_status="$?"
sleep 60
exit "${exit_status}"
main "$@"
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