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Matomo (was: Piwik) for OpenShift 3

This repository contains an OpenShift 3 template to easily deploy Matomo on OpenShift. With this template it's possible to run your own Matomo instance f.e. on APPUiO.

Note: Piwik has been renamed into Matomo in early 2018. Some names still refer to Piwik and probably won't be changed soon or easily (like this repository or the official Docker image on Docker Hub. This can be confusing from time to time.


0 Create OpenShift project

Create an OpenShift project if not already provided by the service

oc new-project $PROJECT

1 Deploy Database

oc -n openshift process mariadb-persistent -p MYSQL_DATABASE=matomo | oc -n $PROJECT create -f -

2 Deploy Matomo

oc process -f -p | oc -n $PROJECT create -f -

3 Configure Matomo

  • Navigate to
  • Fill in the form and finish the installation. The DB credentials can be found in the secret mariadb. In the Webconsole it can be found under Resources -> Secrets -> mariadb -> Reveal Secret


  • You might want to enable TLS for your instance

Template parameters

Execute the following command to get the available parameters:

oc process -f --parameters


Very welcome!

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