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@@ -40,11 +40,18 @@ h2. Contact information
p. Please email me at ""
-h2. Credits
+h2. Contributors
+Jon Wood — "@jellybob": <br />
+Petteri Kääpä — "@kaapa": <br />
+Andrew P — "@standardtoaster": <br />
+Mirek Rusin — "@mirek": <br />
-p. Icons by "Yusuke Kamiyamane": - "Fugue icons": and "Evan Brooks": - "Token icon set":
-p. Buttons by "Particletree": - "Rediscovering the Button Element":
+h2. Credits
+Icons by "Yusuke Kamiyamane": - "Fugue icons": and "Evan Brooks": - "Token icon set": <br />
+Buttons by "Particletree": - "Rediscovering the Button Element": <br />
p. 2010 David Francisco, released under the MIT license.

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