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Activo is a theme for Web-app-theme, Formtastic and Attrtastic
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Activo is a customizable theme for your web application

Activo is a theme written in SASS. It’s meant to be used with the HAML or ERB templates generated by the Web-app-theme plugin. Web-app-theme is a rails plugin that you can use to generate a complete web application layout.

But there’s more! It offers you the css you need to use with another cool gem, Formtastic! Formtastic makes it easier to create forms in your Rails applications.

Activo also has the styles for the Attrtastic gem, which allows you to easily create index/show pages.
Want more? Jon Wood made helpers for menus, breadcrumbs, and controls!

Try the live demo here.

Main contents


  • base.css: This is the original web-app-theme main stylesheet.
  • formtastic.css: This is the original stylesheet of the formtastic plugin.
  • jquery-ui.css: Stylesheet for the jQuery date picker.
  • jquery.tipsy.css: Stylesheet for the tooltips generated by the jQuery tipsy plugin.
  • uniform.default.css: Stylesheet for the jQuery uniform plugin (checkboxes, drop down menus, radio buttons, and file upload inputs).
  • themes/activo
    • activo.sass: Stylesheet of the theme.
    • attrtastic_changes.sass: Stylesheet of the theme for the attrtastic plugin.
    • formtastic_changes.sass: Stylesheet of the theme for the formtastic plugin.
    • activo.css: Compiled version of the theme.


  • jquery.tipsy.js: jQuery tipsy plugin (tooltips on mouse hover).
  • jquery.uniform.min.js: jQuery uniform plugin.

Contact information

Please email me at


Jon Wood — @jellybob
Petteri Kääpä — @kaapa
Andrew Preece — @standardtoaster
Mirek Rusin — @mirek


Fugue iconset — Icons by Yusuke Kamiyamane
Glyphish iconset — Icons of the top-right corner
Gentleface Wireframe Toolbar Icons — Logout icon
Jquery Uniform — Uniform look and feel of form elements between browsers
Museo font — Sans 500, Sans 500 Italic, 700
Raj Ramamurthy — Made the dropdown menu and helped me with the buttons!
Andrea Franz — Author of the web-app-theme rails plugin

2011 David Francisco, released under the MIT license.

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