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Maven/rubygems compatiblity improvements

What is it all about?

The most annoying thing in the jRuby world is dependency handling: As soon as you've got two gems which bundle or require the same jar, you'll run into difficulties with objects which are not compatible.

A way to cleanly handle java dependencies is maven. But maven stands on its own and has no clue of rubygems.

In jRuby 1.6.x the

gem install mvn:foo

magic was introduced which basically makes gems of jars. But there is one problem left: Bundler does not support this because of the missing way to list all jars in a repository.

How to solve this?

We must teach rubygems in jRuby to list jars. This seems to be a missing feature in maven, so we need index files/servers for this.

Whats the status?

The basic index just works! It's included in the file called "testindex". So far, installing a gem with dependencies does not work. The next step to get it up and running would be to solve this issue.

How to test it?

Simply run