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An easy as hell mediaelementjs rails integration for asset pipeline enabled apps...
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Updates mediaelement.js to 2.16.4
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This neat project brings the cool MediaElement.js 2.16.4 (HTML5/Flash/Silverlight video player) to the Rails asset pipeline. NOTE: This gem requires jquery to be included, which shouldn't be an issue.

All you have to do is:

Add the gem to the list of required gems in your Gemfile:

# ...
gem "mediaelement_rails"
# ...


Load the Mediaelement Javascript in your application.js:

//= require mediaelement_rails


Load the Mediaelement CSS in your application.css:

 *= require mediaelement_rails
 * and optionally:
 *= require mediaelement_rails/mejs-skins

Wanna use MediaElement (not the player) only?

This is easy as hell too! Don't include any CSS and include the following in your application.js to get it working:

//= require mediaelement_rails/rails

Anything else I should know?

Nothing special! This project includes all assets you might need.


  • Add support for flashmediaelement-cdn.swf for cases when the assets are hosted on a different domain than the rails application.
  • Setup appraisal gem to test against rails 3.x and 4.x



This project rocks and uses MIT-LICENSE.

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