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aka47 commented Sep 27, 2012

Do not require jquery.js inside this gem!

This causes big trouble for almost everybody, since they will already do this somewhere else!! So you end up with 2 jquery versions, but have no idea about that fact. Plus the uses loads 2 times jquery.

Plus i changed files to vendor dir, since it is the standard location. And i namespaced rails.js, not sure if that was needed.

@aka47 aka47 move files to standard directory under vendor
do not require jquery.js inside this gem!
(this caused big trouble for almost everybody since they will already do this somewhere else!!)
boxofrad commented Feb 5, 2013

+1 this causes all kinds of pain

tobsch commented Feb 10, 2013

jquery is removed now. the thor file has to be changed aswell to match your directory changes. could you do that?

aka47 commented Feb 27, 2013

not sure what we mean and if you mean me?! Can you help me :)


Has this been done?


This was fixed in 06d4bc8

@fusion2004 fusion2004 closed this Mar 14, 2014
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