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Mythteatime is small mythtv plugin which lets you create and edit timed events. Think of it as a poor implementation of cron which runs on top of mythfrontend.


  • create as many timers as needed
  • define different types of timers:
    • reoccurring timers
    • timers by timespan
    • timers with a fixed execution time
  • define multiple actions to execute when the timer expires:
    • execute jumppoints
    • run system key events
    • run custom shell commands


git clone git://
cd mythteatime
sudo make install


Once the plugin is installed, start mythfrontend. MythTeatime should have created a new jump point, which you can use to create and modify your timers. Go to "Setup"->"Edit Keys"->"JumpPoints"->"Teatimer" and assign a key to the Teatimer JumpPoint.

If you prefer a menu entry over invoking the jumppoint from your remote you may simply add a button to your menu (see the Menu theme development guide)

   <action>JUMP Teatimer</action>


  • you can only set the timer while not in playback
  • to stop a started timer you have to set the invocation time to a time in the past