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JavaScript exercice from Openclassroom.
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Openclassrooms Game


New version using :

  • Sass
  • jQuery
  • Clean Code

## What's the matter This projet came from an exercice from Openclassrooms's courses. A simple bordgame, but I try to make it less simpler by :

  • The possibility to play on a mobile screen
  • The selection of a character, and animations with it
  • Maintaining a log of what happend

Why 3 versions

V1 began at the beginning of my journey with JS, a lot to optimize and since the project wasn't over I prefered a fresh restart. V2's goal was too far, too high, with too little. Patience, humility : V3 was for me. V3 is the humblest and strongest version.

  • Use Sass : - sass --watch src/main.scss dist/main.css --no-source-map --style=compressed
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